Training as a N.O.T practitioner

Triad of N.O.T


Courses in different countries of the world may vary in module division but not in content. N.O.T is taught the following specific protocols in which the primary neurological programmes are addressed as well as their reciprocity to other systems and sub-systems. For ease of use, the routes taken follow either a structural or a biochemical one. Both are essential for the healthy functioning of a person and would be addressed in their entirety during consultations with a practitioner.

To become a registered N.O.T practitioner, a student must repeat the basic modules, must attend the advanced course at least once, must sit a written examination and be assessed practically. Finally, a minimum of 60 hours of case studies must be presented to their faculty member for approval.

Ensure that your practitioner is suitably qualified and recognised by N.O.T International.