The way forward for N.O.T International

Prior to his passing, Carl Ferreri, through his Notary, on 13 May 2007 authorised Evelyne Rupp of Germany and Peter McLellan of Australia to be co-directors of Neural Organization Technique International. They took his wishes on board and have, since his passing, dedicated themselves to organising, establishing and expanding the Professional Division of N.O.T International. This division is signified by members with a medical background and specific research and development interests.

However, Carl’s main passion was Specialised Kinesiology and the application of his work in the field of complementary therapy. This has been honoured by Evelyne and Peter and in the interests of this work being continued in as true a form as possible, accessible to Specialised Kinesiologists and the general public have appointed Gudrun Lauterbach and Francesca Zanuttini to serve as Directors on this Board with them.