History of Neural Organisation Technique

as taken from the book by Dr. Carl A. Ferreri

For many years many people and particularly the N.O.T. practitioners have asked how I discovered the various protocols which make up what is now know as Neural Organization Technique. They wanted to know my thought processes, how I developed the logic of the treatment programs and how I discovered the logic of the body itself. I will try to give you at least some of the thought processes more or less how they happened.

For as long as I can remember I was always interested in the human body and how it functioned. There was very little spoken of back then in relation to healthy living with the exception of exercise and eating the “right” foods. Dietary implications and knowledge were just starting to come into vogue with people like Carlton Fredericks and a few others who for the most part were ridiculed as being some kind of charlatans…

Dr Ferreri had started out following in his father’s footsteps by attending law school. However, due to developments relative to his own health, allergies of skin and sinus affectations and his subsequent relief from these by virtue of chiropractic intervention, he did not finish his final exams in law, but changed direction and studied and became a chiropractor instead.

Although I was reasonably successful with most of the patients, I was somewhat dissatisfied with chiropractic per se for number of reasons. One was blind faith required that the “subluxation” was the primary consideration in health and disease. I thought about all the other people in the world who did not go to a chiropractor. Didn’t they have subluxations? How were they healthy? I was also concerned that the lack of results in certain cases many times did not coincide with the philosophy of Chiropractic as I thought it should. Everything was somewhat haphazard. There was no organization to the approach to the patient with nothing really happening on purpose. In fact technically you were not allowed to say that you treated this patient for any condition because that was considered the practice of medicine. Technically I could only say that I removed the subluxation and the healing powers of the body healed the problem or relieved the pain. This was essentially true however but this bothered me to some extent. I wanted to treat the patient and get a specific result on purpose. and not by accident. I could not reproduce the results I wanted every time even if the same patient came in with the same condition months later. It became obvious that I needed to know more than what was taught in school.

I started looking for other answers first in another Chiropractic technique not taught in Chiropractic Colleges known as Sacro-Occipital Technique and Cranial Technique. This study proved to be fascinating adventure and gave me specific reproducible outcomes more often than anything else I knew. As I became conversant with this technique I was pleased to find out that these techniques had very specific neurological rules with demonstrable changes in body mechanics and structural positioning. Unfortunately for reasons I could never understand both of these techniques (the S.O.T. and Cranial) were, and still are, almost totally ignored by the Chiropractic profession and only allowed as off campus studies as is Kinesiology today. Oddly enough a very similar Osteopathic technique known as Sacro-Cranial Technique which has similar concepts and applications but is very much limited in its scope and application as compared to S.O.T. has been embraced by most of the alternative Medical practitioners, Health and Nurse Practitioners, Kinesiologists and Chiropractors.

With the advent of Kinesiology I knew immediately that this was probably the most important advance of knowledge in the world of healing. Unfortunately the Chiropractic world again chose to ignore these fantastic advances to the understanding of human condition. Dr. George Goodheart and other chiropractors formed an organization to promulgate and expand this new knowledge of kinesiology and kinesiological modalities. I became a member of this organization which is known as the International College of Applied Kinesiology and over a ten year period I attended approximately 2500 hours of instruction, discussion, presentations, research and hands on practice to refine my knowledge, techniques and concepts and many personal observations which were published in my seminar notes. I presented a number of research papers to the organization which were published in the Collected Papers of the ICAK over the years.

One of the more simplified forms of Kinesiology which combines the muscle testing phenomenon, acupuncture knowledge and concepts, the use of the meridian energy system (from Acupuncture), the neuro lymphatic reflex and the neuro vascular reflex systems, reactive muscle systems, ligament interlink and other procedural and organizational concepts known as Touch For Health founded by Dr. John Thie. Dr Thie became a very important part of the creation of Neural Organization Technique. Touch for Health gave me my first organizational concepts to address the human condition. I was attending a Parker Chiropractic Seminar in Dallas, Texas in which John was lecturing on some part of TFH. I don’t remember what he said or what was being discussed but it was if a light bulb went off in my head. I said “thank you John” . He later asked me what he said and I told him I really can’t say specifically but that the combination gave me the primary organizational concepts I was looking for.

Combining the knowledge from Chiropractic, Sacral Occipital Technique, Cranial Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Touch For Health and the ancient knowledge and wisdom of both Acupuncture and Ayervedic body mind concepts the first programs for the organization of the central nervous system were first conceived. As these concepts and procedures developed into a system of treatment it became evident to me that this was a very powerful protocol even in its early stages of development. I decided that others needed to know what I had discovered. And so N.O.T was born to grow and develop!