Code of conduct

  1. The practitioner shall always consider of paramount importance the proper conduct towards N.O.T International, its practitioners, client relationships and the public in general.
  2. The practitioner shall respect the social, cultural, political, religious and spiritual views of all they interact with and shall not discriminate against any client based on race, age, colour, ability, social standing, or any other difference.
  3. The practitioner shall only work, and/or train, within the discipline/s for which they are qualified to do so
  4. The practitioner shall not diagnose, prescribe or treat unless suitably qualified to do so.
  5. The practitioner shall not engage in any conduct during sessions that may be construed as mentally, emotionally or physically inappropriate.
  6. The practitioner shall keep true and accurate client records.
  7. The practitioner may not make any claims as to the outcome of any session with a client, but must remain open to feedback from the client.
  8. The practitioner shall, at all times, respect and co-operate with other practitioners, modalities and disciplines.
  9. The practitioner’s approach to clients must at all times be courteous, supportive, encouraging, empathetic and professional.
  10. The practitioner shall not offend any client through any inappropriate use of food, alcohol, drugs or tobacco prior to, or during, a consultation session.
  11. The practitioner shall, at all times, abide by the rules and regulations of N.O.T International and the laws of the country in which they reside.