About Us

Neural Organization Technique is one of the most powerful and complete assessment and adaptation protocols on the face of the earth today. It is the only health care system that takes into consideration all of the various circumstances under which we live. These circumstances influence the way the body responds to stress of any kind and how these stresses register in the Central Nervous System.

The body is a self-healing, self-regulating, self-perpetuating, integrated and organised Organism. The principles of N.O.T are based on the primal survival systems of the species which, by their very nature, are inborn or innate, integrated and fully automatic from the beginning of life.

It is the philosophy and guiding principle of N.O.T that the body is an integrated whole, dependent on the functional integrity of all the survival systems. In short . . . The logic of the living body is being unfolded.

– Dr Carl A. Ferreri, D.C, Ph. C. SK.